17 May 2019
Visiting Peace Disaster Relief (PBV) (Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo)

We interview Ms. Ayano Inoue at the Peace Boat Disaster Relief, a general incorporated association that is working to assist disaster-affected people in Japan and overseas. She taught us that measures such as setting up laundry drying areas for women and creating spaces for children to play in were necessary in order for women to spend as much time as possible without stress in shelters. This interview helped us think about the ideal shelter model.

On the same day, 124 first-year senior junior high students went to Shimosuwa Town, Suwa-gun, Nagano Prefecture for fieldwork. We spoke with people of Mitamachi Shopping Street in Shimosuwa Town and “The Disaster Prevention Network,” about disaster prevention initiatives in Shimosuwa Town. Also, we saw disaster prevention manzai, comic backchat.


23 August 2019
Visiting Mamaplug (Shibuya Ward, Tokyo)

We visited Mama Plug, a non-profit organization that engages in activities to raise awareness of disaster prevention among women of the child-rearing generation, and talked to Ms. Yumiko Kogure, who serves as a board member. We heard about the hardships that mothers with small children feel in evacuation lives, and we were able to make use of them in our activities.


22 September 2019
The High School Student Poster Session of the Academic Meeting of the AJG (Association of Japanese Geographers) Autumn, 2019

We had the poster session at Niigata University. We explained the context of our activities to high school students of other schools and one of members of The Association of Japanese Geographers. We received valuable advice such as the objectivity of application method of data.


16~19 October 2019
The Study in Taiwan

One of our members went to study-tour in Taiwan. We discussed how to raise the awareness of disasters with students at National Taiwan University and Taipei First Girls High School. We were able to deepen our understanding of the disasters and countermeasures between Taiwan and Japan. At Taipei First Girls High School, we summarized what we discussed as a group.


20 December, 2019

We interviewed Ms. Atsuko Takahashi, the chairman of the Disaster Prevention Network, by telephone. We were able to recognize the need for women's power in the event of a disaster by asking why Shimosuwa Town, Suwa-gun, Nagano Prefecture began to focus on the development of women’s disaster prevention experts.
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