The Proposal for Future

Our proposal

In order to raise Japan's shelters to a level suitable for developed countries, we propose the following three recommendations.

1. Promote more women's participation in disaster prevention, disaster response, and shelter management!

Because there are few women’s employees involved in disaster prevention and disaster response, the opinions and positions of women are not respected very much in a shelter. We urge local governments to actively appoint women to local disaster prevention meetings and disaster response headquarters so that women's opinions can be reflected in shelter administration. In addition to women engaging in shelter administration, professional women should support shelter administration in order to make use of their ability in shelters.

2. Devise the stockpile!

Depending on the local government, goods may be stockpiled by batch at city halls. However, in order for evacuees to receive goods in the event of a disaster, it is important to stockpile supplies for each shelter. Also, there are few shelters that stockpile supplies for women, so it is necessary to enhance them.

3. Cooperate between local governments!

In the current system in Japan local government employees in disaster-affected areas respond to disasters. It is a burden on the affected local governments. In order to reduce the burden on local governments, it is more effective to conclude agreements with other local governments in advance and create a mechanism that can help each other in a disaster. By cooperating with local governments that are not directly damaged by the disaster, the risk of being affected together is reduced.