Here are some of the reasons why we started exploring and what we have wanted to solve through our activities.


Have you ever imagined when we must spend time in a shelter? In Japan today, where we have had flooding and landslides caused by heavy rain in various places major earthquakes at any time, shelters as temporary housing for disaster-stricken people have become more familiar than before. It is necessary to prepare for the emergencies on the assumption that a disaster will occur.

Some may say that women are more likely to be placed in a weak position in shelters. Privacy is not maintained, and in shelters, the places to change clothes, hang out the laundry, and breastfeed are not installed. What is worse, sexual harassment and sexual violence in shelters have also been reported. According to the Cabinet Office's "Report on Cases and Other Matters on Support for Victims at Shelters in 2016," 63% of respondents said that there was no gender-specific consideration in the Kumamoto earthquake.

How can we improve the safety and status of women in shelters? In order to do so, we first need to know why women tend to be the weak. On top of that, we would like to propose, “Women should recognize that they themselves tend to be the weak in shelters, signaling the importance of shelter reform for women. Men should also show their understanding of reform and reform shelters with women.”

We strongly hope that you can take the first step toward realizing a women-friendly shelter with us through this web page. Our website will indicate practical challenges of the present shelters have and contribute to a drastic change of your ideas, views and perspectives on shelters for women.